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Sherri's Tender Treasures

About the Artist


Sherri's Tender Treasures by Sherri Williams

I have loved dolls my whole life. I've made dolls since I was a little girl out of fabric, wood, buttons, porcelain and almost anything else I could get my hands on. In 1995 I started creating small figurines and dolls out of polymer clay and selling them at local boutiques. I established Sherri's Tender Treasures.

I began my formal training with Jack Johnston. I loved it and was hooked. After a few years, I started making baby dolls. I love baby dolls. They remind me of those precious moments with my own children. There is nothing as tender as a newborn baby.

I love to spend my days studying pictures of newborns. It is amazing to me to seen how different each tiny face is. It is my goal to bring to life those memories of our tiny babies that we hold dear; and create a Treasure that can be cherished for many years to come.

I have been married for over 32 years to my wonderful husband Lon. We have six children and 6 adorable grandchildren. I first started to sculpt newborns when my first two grandchildren were born just 12 hours apart. I wanted to sculpt their tiny beautiful faces so I would never forget how they looked as newborns. My pictures of my own children and those of my grandchildren are my favorite models.